Carola Fuertes Coaching

Stress, overwhelm and burnout, will become a thing of the past.

If you work really hard every day but don’t feel like you “made it” yet…

If you have a great career but at the end of the day, you feel exhausted and irritable and lash out with the ones you love the most…

If you wonder when you will finally enjoy the fruits of your hard work…

But you feel trapped in this cycle of running yourself to the ground in the hopes this time, you’ll get to the other side of the tunnel… only to burnout, barely recover, and repeat the cycle again.

It’s not your fault: You were never taught how to deal with the normal stress and pressure of building your career in a healthy way, but you can learn now.

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A practical tip every Friday to help you transition from work to rest and recharge mode, and help create more presence in your life.

About Carola

Hello and Welcome!

I help kind-hearted, responsible professional women prevent and heal from burnout, so they can find peace and calm and finally enjoy the amazing life they’ve created.

I figured out how to prioritize myself and set boundaries with love and without guilt.

I will teach you how to do it too.

Work with me

You May Feel Unsure This Will Work For You…

I get it, as a smart, professional woman, critical thinking is second nature, and we want to nurture that healthy skeptical part in you that has served you well so far.

And if you are here we can also recognize a hopeful part in you, that is excited about the possibility of finally finding the solution you’ve been hoping for.

That’s why I recommend you book a free call now, so you can:


Real Clients

Carola took me from my head into my heart. 

I was used to setting goals based on actions and thinking about goals, but Carola’s methods were different and super effective! 

I gained clarity on what wasn’t working for me and now I have clear steps and methods to be more effective in the future.

I was impressed with Carola and how she asked questions, connected with me, and helped me see different perspectives.

I highly recommend Carola and look forward to working with her again!


Our work together empowered me to listen and honor myself deeply. The transformation came in learning to prioritize rest, and managing both my thoughts and nervous system. 

Honoring my body’s signals and rejecting my brain’s stories has been invaluable. 

Above all, working with Carola has been enjoyable, even when I initially felt there was nothing to discuss. Our conversations leave a lasting impact.


Carola’s coaching has helped me transform my relationship with the most important person in my life- myself. 

I can for the first time, deeply understand that I am whole and enough, exactly as I am. Carola has a gifted insight into the life and demands of a professional and a parent. She helped me to learn to process emotions- and identify which were truly underlying what I would bring to our coaching sessions.

My experience of my life is forever “upleveled” from working with her.


Ready for your real life to match your desires?

The life you’ve always wanted is waiting for you. 

You were told that if you followed the path that was laid in front of you, and worked hard at it, you’d be happy, fulfilled, and satisfied.

But nobody taught you how to deal with the stress, anxiety, and overwhelm that following that path was going to offer.

You have now the opportunity to take back control of your life experience, and learn to choose goals for yourself (not to please others), healthy ways to cope with the inevitable difficulties of life, and give yourself permission to prioritize yourself and your own wellbeing.

All of it is available to you. And the transformation starts with a free call. Book it now, that you’re considering it. Don’t leave it for later, you deserve to feel better now.